Las Vegas has an active and vibrant Chess Club! Bridgeopolis holds USCF-rated chess tournaments and casual games for players of all ages. Parents and other spectators are welcome. Questions may be emailed to Chess @

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Join the US Chess Federation (USCF). All our rated tournaments require current and paid membership.
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Parental Waiver of Liability Form for all players under age 18. Please download, print, and bring to Bridgeopolis
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Register for LV Chess School group lessons for kids with IM Andranik “Coach Andy” Matikozyan. Held every Tuesday 4:30-5:40pm
Results for Nevada Chess Southern Nevada Championship at Bridgeopolis October 20-22
Info and Registration for Nevada Chess 2024 State Scholastic Championship on March 2, 2024

All tournaments require current and paid USCF membership. To join the USCF, please visit click the link above or visit We can help you navigate the site if you have problems.

Register for December Tuesday/Thursday Night Series starts December 5 @ 6:00pm. This appeals to our more advanced players as we offer one round of G75+15 each session night of the month for a total of four rounds. Games on December 5, 7, 12, 14. Note the special holiday schedule.

New! Register for UNRATED Bughouse tournament on December 9 @ 1:00pm. USCF Membership is not required for this tournament.

Some facets of Bughouse:

  • It’s unrated and unofficial
  • It’s fast! With a time control of G5+2 or G3+2, there’s not much time to think in each game. We will play multiple games–typically every team plays every other team.
  • It’s a partnership game. Players need a partner to play. When a player captures a piece, he gives it to his partner sitting next to him who places it anywhere on his/her board. This means you can can three rooks or four bishops, for example, in the game.
  • It’s really fun! Kids love it! Parents can partner with their kids. 

Please join us for this extremely fun event. Don’t worry about not having a partner since other solo players will also be wanting to play. The fee is $25 per pair. 

Register for December 700+ or December 1500+ on December 10 @ 11:30am. This tournament is for players with a minimum rating of 700. A second section will be created for players with a minimum rating of 1500. Time Controls: G30+5. Registration fee includes pizza.

Offsite: Winter Chess Camp at Noble Collegiate Academy. Marv from Bridgeopolis will be assisting NCA with their Winter Chess Camp December 18-22. A weeklong series of Chess tournaments and other games. Students in other schools are welcome. Flyer. Registration.

New! Register for Night Quads We’re trying something new! Now available for Dec. 5, 7, 12, 14. Info from the Registration Form:

  • Night Quads is a way for players to pick  and choose their opponents for a rated three-round tournament. With this ability, players can choose whether to play others with a rating much different than their own or wait for others with a more similar rating. New or Unrated Players are welcome
  • Each Quad on Monday, Tuesday, or Friday Nights will be three rounds where players in the Quad play each other for one game. Standard USCF pairing rules are used to determine colors. You may choose to play over consecutive weekly nights if the other players in your Quad agree. The fee remains $15/night.
  • Use this form to indicate INTEREST ONLY. Your name and rating, along with your preferred day  will be posted on a separate spreadsheet for anyone to see. I will add your info to that spreadsheet manually within a few minutes or possibly a few hours. The earlier you indicate interest, the better chances of finding a suitable Quad for you.
    Payment: The registration fee is $15/night. Add $1 for Paypal or Venmo. IMPORTANT: DO NOT submit payment until confirmation is provided. Player may always submit payment in advance to be credited to your account.
  • The link for the publicly-viewable spreadsheet is
  • Default Time Controls will be G30+5 minutes, totaling about 3 hours for a full tournament  but players who prefer a slightly different time control should inform the Director as a group to be accommodated. Generally, the slowest time control for a one-day tournament should be no slower than G40+5. Faster time controls are available upon request.
  • If a Quad prefers a much slower Time Control, Bridgeopolis may accommodate the request to be played on two or three consecutive weekly nights. The fee remains $15 per night and requires payment at the start of the first night or earlier
  • For details and changes for the tournament, please see 
  • IMPORTANT: Current UCSF Membership is required. Marvin will email you confirmation of registration for each tournament.
  • NOTE: There are no byes given for Quads. Failure to play results in an automatic zero-point bye. Not playing a round is unfair to opponents.

Any changes or unlikely cancellations will be posted here and sent via email. More tournaments may be posted shortly.

All tournaments require players to be current and paid members of USCF. NOTE: Some tournaments allow onsite registration for an additional fee if space is available. Entry after any tournament starts will be permitted only to make an even number of players and is at the sole discretion of the TD. Pre-paid entrants will always be admitted.

New!! Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons for Chess Kids on Saturday December 16 @ 1:00pm. Join us for this experiment as we are introduced to the world of D&D by Tom Brownscombe. This event is FREE and limited to the first six players. Players should be mature enough to focus on a game played mostly in the mind and be creative enough to work together to fight imaginary monsters (yes, these aren’t real monsters) with dice. A waitlist will form when max capacity is reached. Tom is a USCF National Tournament Director and avid D&D player.

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