Las Vegas has an active and vibrant Chess Club! Bridgeopolis holds USCF-rated chess tournaments and casual games for players of all ages. Parents and other spectators are welcome.

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View the results Bridgeopolis hosted a tournament on May 28 for Great Knights Chess.

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Register for June Tuesday Night Series @ 6pm
Register for Chess Puzzles for kids and their families with David Frazee on June 3
Register for our G25+5 Summer Wednesdays in June and July starting June 7
Register for G25+5 on Sunday June 11
Register for Chess Activities with Gale Winds-Cunningham starting on June 19

Registration for Bridgeopolis USCF-rated Tournaments. Any changes or unlikely cancellations will be posted here and sent via email. More tournaments may be posted shortly.

Register for our May and June tournaments. All tournaments require players to be current and paid members of USCF. NOTE: Some tournaments allow onsite registration for an additional fee if space is available. Entry after any tournament starts will be permitted only to make an even number of players and is at the sole discretion of the TD. Pre-paid entrants will always be admitted.

Register for June Tuesday Night Series @ 6pm.
The May results can be found on the USChess website. Congrats to Ron Underwood on his win!

Register Chess Puzzle Time for kids and their families!
Arranged and Facilitated by David Frazee

Register for G25+5 on Sunday June 11
Register for one or more G25+5 Wednesdays in June and July


Register for Chess Activities with Gale Winds-Cunningham

– June 24th Under1250

Registration link coming soon for our Under 1250 G25+5 tournament. Four rounds on Saturday June 24 @ 11:30am. Open to all players with a rating of under 1250. Perfect for first time players and new USCF Members. NOTE: for our Under-1250 tournaments, we have the option to run a separate section for 1250+ players. In the past, we’ve combined into one section when too few players over 1250 registered. To keep it appealing to new players, we will accept 1250+ players only if there are enough players to make a separate section. To be placed on the interest list for 1250+ players, please register for the date(s) and check the Over 1250 box. Do not pay until contacted by Marvin to confirm there will be a 1250+ section.