Las Vegas has a new Chess Club! Bridgeopolis holds USCF-rated chess tournaments and casual games for players of all ages. Parents and other spectators are welcome.

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Registration for our November and December USCF-rated Tournaments. Any changes or unlikely cancellations will be posted here and sent via email. More tournaments may be posted shortly.

November Tuesdays: Congrats to Mark Ma on his win! Thanks to all of the players who played in some or all of the November Tuesdays tournament! The results are posted on the USChess website. We restart on Tuesday Nov. 29th at 6pm for the December Tuesdays Tournament Series. Registration link is below.

November Two Sundays: G60+10 on Sunday Nov. 20 and 27. Two rounds each day. Here’s the Wall Chart after Rounds 1&2 on Nov. 20th

Join us for Casual Chess on Friday Nov. 25 @ 6pm. FREE!

Register for the Weekly Tuesday Night Tournament in December. Four rounds with one round each on Nov. 29, Dec. 6, 13, and 20. G75 + 15. Registration fee is $50 in advance or $60 at the door.
Register for the Weekly Friday Night Tournament in December. Four rounds with one round each on Dec. 2, 9, 16, 23. G75 + 15. Registration fee is $50 in advance or $60 at the door.

Register for our one day tournaments.
– Friday Dec. 2 @ 6:00pm: G25 + Inc/5. Four rounds.
– Sunday December 4 @ 1:30pm: Under 1200. G30+Inc/5. Four rounds. Section limited to new and/or Under 1200 rating. Fee: $15.00 in advance or $5.00 if this is your first USCF Tournament.
– Sunday December 4 @ 1:30pm: Over 1200. G30+Inc/5. Four rounds. Fee: $15.00 in advance.
– Sunday December 11 @ 1:30pm: G5+Inc/2. Fee: $15.00 in advance.

Register for our December Elite Tournament (see flyer below)
– Saturday, December 3 @ 10:00am: Open to 1800+ players only. G25+Inc/5. Five Rounds. No Provisional Players. $1000.00 Prize Pool Guarantee

Register for our two-day tournament. Two rounds each day for total of four rounds
– Sunday Nov. 20 and Nov. 27 @ 1:30pm: G60+Inc/10 — This tournament will have two rounds of G60+10 on Nov. 20 and conclude with two rounds on Nov. 27. Expect each of the two days to last up to 4.5 hours. Fee: $32 in advance using Paypal or Venmo. $40 at the door. $30 using cash or personal check mailed or dropped off.



Hi everyone,
Our November Tuesday tournament series concluded last night. Congrats again to Mark Ma for the win! With this win, Mark passes the 1900 rating hurdle; a pretty amazing accomplishment given his teenager status.  Thanks to all 12 of the players who played some or all of the tournament. The final results have been posted and can be seen on the USChess site.
We’re restarting with Round One of Four next Tuesday (11/29). As usual, the Time Controls will remain G75+15 and the fee is $52 in advance (save $2 with cash or check in advance). The at-the-door fee is $60. Half-point byes are available if you must miss a day.
We are duplicating the Tuesday night tournament on Fridays beginning December 2 @ 6:00pm. This is a separate tournament with the same Time Control and Fee. For Friday, we’ll also run a parallel section for a 1-day tournament. That tournament will be G25+5, four rounds, and have a fee of $15 in advance (Save $1 with cash or check).
If you’re rated over 1800, please head to our website to see a special tournament for elite players like yourself scheduled for Saturday December 3 at 10am. Tom Brownscombe will direct.
One of our most popular tournaments in the past has been our Under-1200 tournament. We’re re-running it on December 4 @ 1:30pm. If you join the Chess Federation between now and then, your cost is only $5.00. For others, it’s the typical $15 in advance. We’re also running a separate section that day for players over 1200. The time controls for both sections will be G30+5.
Some of our players have requested another Blitz Tournament. It’s scheduled for Sunday December 11 @ 1:30pm. Time controls will be G5+2.
Join us on this Friday at 5:30pm-9pm for Casual Chess. We’ll socialize over some chess and talk strategy. Everyone is welcome; even those with no experience and, as a Thank You to all our players, there is no charge for this event. There are many on this mail list who’ve never visited. Please consider Friday as a personal invitation to come by and introduce yourselves.
To register for any of our tournaments, please visit out website and click the appropriate registration form.
More Bridgeopolis Chess tournaments and activities coming soon.
Thanks again to all our players and please have a fun and safe Thanksgiving Holiday!
Thanks for helping us grow Bridgeopolis Chess!
Hope to see you soon!
Marvin Raab
Bridgeopolis Owner and Club TD

Congrats to Mark, age 12, on his victory by resignation against IM Andranik Matikozyan in our first Simul Play. Mark was the only player in a field of 6 to win. Click on Move #1 below to see a graphical representation of the game and press the “>” button to scroll through all the moves.